In other news… Art of the Menu: Best of 2012

If there are 2 things I truly love in life, they’re great design and great food. And this pairing creates what I feel is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant – the menu. Art of the Menu is one of my favorite blogs, showcasing the amazing results when a graphic designer serves your dining fare. As with the end/beginning of every year for most blogs, they highlighted their pick for 12 Best Menus of 2012. I couldn’t be more proud to see a Philly favorite come in at #1 – Hot Diggity, right here in the City of Philadelphia. Hawk Krall‘s amazing hand-drawn menu and hot dog artwork ups the creativity and talent at a spot serving some of the most balanced hot dog creations, fisticuff-worthy fry sauces, and unique homemade sodas. It’s been a few months since I was there last… which means it’s been too long. Check out their Saigon Fusion (and it’s menu sign) that I stuffed my face with last time I was there!

I hope all these restaurants added some extra menu printing cost into their budget this year… I see many a menu swipe in their futures!

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