Status: Mac-less

It was trick & treat for me this Halloween. My trusty lil MacBook died, but less time on the internets means more in the kitchen. From belly-warming chicken pot pie in mine to an eclectic autumnal class with Pumpkin BYO in Cook‘s studio kitchen, I have plenty of food love treats you won’t want to miss!

Status: Izumi

Headed for sushi at Izumi on Passyunk with my sister. Their sushi and non-sushi offerings are fan-fucking-tastic! Tuna tataki, please.

Status: Eat Pray Love

Just finished watching Eat Pray Love. Corny as it may sound, it shared a great deal of wisdom that I need in my life right now… and offered the realization that I absolutely MUST spend 4 months of my life eating my way through Italy!

Status: No Excuses

A whole year + 2 months and this lady is officially funemployed… which takes me back to last August’s post. I REALLY don’t have an excuse but to spread my food love on the regular, now. Looking forward to sharing w. you all!