Quickie: On Vacay

So I’ve been MIA since I’ve stuck to my New Year’s resolution to travel my ass off through 2012. I’m on stop #4 visiting my mom in Hawai’i after Lancaster, Calgary, & Boston and wanted to share some ono grinds from today’s trip to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. This kailua bbq pork sammie blew my mind!


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Quickie: American Sardine Bar

Walked by the American Sardine Bar today on my way to the park and behold, the sardine can is up! Signage usually means an opening date is nigh… and their website says “Opening Very Soon”. YAY!

Quickie: Chef Gordon Ramsay Siting!

Went to meet my sister at our favorite sushi spot, Izumi, and found myself steps away from Gordon Ramsay filming! He’s hosting an episode of ¬†Kitchen Nightmares at Chiarella’s Ristorante at Tasker & Passyunk. I was just in time to see him exit the back kitchen for one of his signature rants. Swoon!

Status: Mac-less

It was trick & treat for me this Halloween. My trusty lil MacBook died, but less time on the internets means more in the kitchen. From belly-warming chicken pot pie in mine to an eclectic autumnal class with Pumpkin BYO in Cook‘s studio kitchen, I have plenty of food love treats you won’t want to miss!

Status: Izumi

Headed for sushi at Izumi on Passyunk with my sister. Their sushi and non-sushi offerings are fan-fucking-tastic! Tuna tataki, please.

Quickie: Birthday Cake Pancakes

It’s official: Sprinkles make the world go ’round. I woke up one morning on my trip to Sarasota to find Sunshine in pancake mode… birthday cake pancake mode! Might as well celebrate our un-birthdays together since we’re missing real birthdays this year.

Check out How Sweet It Is for the cake batter pancake recipe and drool-worthy photos. Then celebrate an unbirthday of your own!

So I just realized there is something to celebrate… this is my 100th post!!