In other news… Art of the Menu: Best of 2012

If there are 2 things I truly love in life, they’re great design and great food. And this pairing creates what I feel is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant – the menu. Art of the Menu is one of my favorite blogs, showcasing the amazing results when a graphic designer serves your dining fare. As with the end/beginning of every year for most blogs, they highlighted their pick for 12 Best Menus of 2012. I couldn’t be more proud to see a Philly favorite come in at #1 – Hot Diggity, right here in the City of Philadelphia. Hawk Krall‘s amazing hand-drawn menu and hot dog artwork ups the creativity and talent at a spot serving some of the most balanced hot dog creations, fisticuff-worthy fry sauces, and unique homemade sodas. It’s been a few months since I was there last… which means it’s been too long. Check out their Saigon Fusion (and it’s menu sign) that I stuffed my face with last time I was there!

I hope all these restaurants added some extra menu printing cost into their budget this year… I see many a menu swipe in their futures!

In Other News: Pie Town, New Mexico Fair Oct. 1940

I keep coming across these amazing, and rare, colored photos taken by the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information during and after the Great Depression. The collection as whole has about 160,000, with only 1,600 in color. There’s something special about these pictures, something about color that makes this time period more relatable in modern times. As I flip through the collection, in my mind’s eye I can see my grandparents in their twenties flirting away. As expected, the ones I love the most are about folks sharing food when dining was about farming, canning, and home-cooked meals. And into the food love time machine we go…

All photos from the Library of Congress. Entire collection found HERE.

In Other News: Der Patty Melt

I’m about 12 episodes in to Dead Like Me, an unfortunately-demised series from Showtime, and loving every minute of it. The characters convene daily at Der Waffle House so there’s lots of food love on the show, especially surrounding the reaper boss, Rube. Can’t find a link to the awesome Rube food-montage from S01E12, so we’ll have to settle with one of my fave scenes from the show….

Der Patty Melt, my friends.

Summer Update: No Excuse Blogging

66 days of not a single blog post… and I know I owe you an explanation. I guess I owe myself one, too. It’s that point in summer when the reality check hits and it feels like it ended before it even started. This summer has been a whirlwind.

I’ve spent the last 2.5 months getting acquainted with a new company, position(s), coworkers, and work/life balance.  The work part is there. I’m energized with the challenge and excitement of being the new Director of Sales & Marketing (and interim Private Event Planner) at Marathon, though I’m seriously lacking in personal time. It’s an amazing experience seeing what the Borish family has built over the last 26 years and the love & time they still put into its success every single day. The first inspiration for this post.

One July morning, I was cruising the timeline on Marathon’s twitter (Follow me/us @eatmarathon) and came across @jgibbard’s FourSquare check in at the Starbuck‘s across the street from our 1818 Market location. That’s a no go! I sent him a quick @reply suggesting he scoot over to Marathon next time for a $1 cup of our locally-roasted Chestnut Hill Coffee, gratuitous #hashtag included. Jeff thought it was a pretty rad way of inviting someone into our restaurant and started popping in to Marathon for lunch.

Today, we finally got some face-time to share our ideas & experiences with social media. During our lunch, I brought up my food blogging, or lack thereof this summer. Jeff’s natural response – He couldn’t imagine not making the time to work on his blog. It means that much to him. And it reminded me that mine means that much to me, too.

So here goes, on the 66th day:

after Easy Mac for dinner (2 nights in a row)

a new career

a missed 1-year blogiversary

and a scorching hot summer

I’m done with the excuses.

Check out Jeff’s words of  social media wisdom on his blog!
Social Media Philanthropy

In other news…

Sorry for the schitzophrenic “gravatar” changes. Seems that 99% of the pics I have from the last year are of food, not me. Need to take up my man Snapkracker‘s offer for a pic for dinner trade off soon! Bear with me folks…