Tip Time! Furikake Broccoli!

Years ago, I came across a blog post about getting kids to eat stuff they didn’t like  (i.e. broccoli) by sprinkling furikake on top. I just couldn’t get the name out of my head… furikake… furry-cock-ey! Doesn’t really sound very kid friendly, but I digress. Furikake is a dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and MSG. (according to wikipedia)

Wasabi and Nori Fumi Furikake

While in Hawai’i last year, I picked up a few shakers of furikake at the convenience store and now I don’t eat broccoli without it! It’s a great, healthy way to add flavor without coating it with melty cheese. Furikake literally translates to “shake & sprinkle,” so get to it!

Furikake Broccoli

Tip Time! Freezing Bacon

Every time I visit my hometown, Pottstown, I’m sure to make a stop at Zern’s Farmers Market. They have the cheapest produce, amazing butchers, & everything (literally everything!) you could imagine. I had Lindsay, my best friend from home, and her beautiful daughter, Franchesca, in tow so it was a quick trip. I look forward to next time so I can shoot more photos to share the wonders of a Zern’s experience with you all!

One item I’m sure to pick up on every visit is Triple Smoked Bacon. There’s really nothing that compares to the taste & freshness. I could smell the smokey essence the whole car ride back to Philly! Seeing that I stock up between visits, I usually cook a pound to eat fresh and freeze the rest. I wish I could find where I learned this trick, but when I search “bacon” in my history, far too many websites come up!

Triple Smoked Bacon

Triple Smoked Bacon - photo via Dre

To freeze bacon for easy access, I roll up each slice & place into an airtight storage container.  I prefer this approach as it’s more green versus separating slices with wax paper & using storage baggies. With this “roll & freeze”  method, you can easily pull out as many pieces as you’d like & they’re not stuck together.

Enjoy bacon & enjoy it often! It’s good for your soul.

Triple Smoked Bacon - Rolled for Freezing & Easy Access

Triple Smoked Bacon - Rolled for Freezing & Easy Access