A Quote after my Food Loving Heart

β€œCookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” – Chef Marcel Boulestin

Just Sayin… I’m gonna make it mine, one code at a time!

So I’ve decided on a so fresh and so clean theme for my blog. This is just for the time being as I’m embarking on a quest to teach myself CSS code. I’m just a tab bit particular about things and really want to make the look of my site my own. Dre’s already worked with me on some awesome colorways and I’ll surely rely on his expertise in typeface & design to make it perfect! Stay tuned for updates along the way and feel free to share your coding advice.

Just sayin… chefs never cease to amaze me!

Today, I had one of my best culinary experiences ever! At work, we hosted a tasting for the upcoming Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center, with Steven Spielberg as this year’s recipient. My parent company, Libre Management, enlists some amazing chefs to work on their many culinary adventures. I had the honor of photographing the execution & culinary delights behind the scenes of the tasting… and, of course, got to sample the chefs’ amazing creations!

I can truly say today was an honor. I not only had the opportunity to practice my photography skills, but got to do so alongside such reknowned chefs who didn’t skip a beat to answer my curiousities or offer a taste.

Thank you Chef Louis Chabot, Chef Luke Palladino, Chef Guillermo Pernot, & Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix, for an experience I’ll never forget!