Restaurant Rewind: P.Y.T.

Friday night, I scooped the man from work & we headed to PYT, TommyUp’s newly-launched burger & shake bar at the Piazza at Schmidt’s. My patronage is the least I can offer to someone who has provided me with some epic party memories over the last 5 years! A storm was astir, so we sat ourselves at the strategically-placed yellow tables protected by the tunnel entrance-ways. We placed our order with the anticipated hipster waitress, adorable in her leopard dress, platinum bangs, & bright smile. 20 minutes later, magic arrived… complete with a stunning boom of thunder!

PYT Cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, fried egg, bacon, & mayo on a potato roll

PYT Cheeseburger - med-well w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, fried egg, bacon, & mayo on a potato roll

An unnamed dinner date didn’t believe in magic until he tried the $10 Chocolate, Vanilla, & Strawberry Shake (custom request) spiked with Maker’s Mark! I kept it simple with a $5 Chocolate Shake, classic from the rich taste to the cherry on top. The burgers arrived smaller than expected, but paired with kettle chips & a pickle spear ,the $6 price tag met the portion & quality. The flavorful patties were hugged by Martin’s Potato Rolls & topped with the standard melted cheddar, shredded romaine, tomato, & white onion. I upgraded my medium-rare with avocado & some amazing bacon while Dre opted for a med-well with fried egg & the same amazing bacon (worthy of the dbl mention) at $2 per topping. We finished each with a slather of mayo & dug in for enough delicious bites to leave you satisfied, but contemplating #2.

‘You want fries & onion rings with that shake?’ Well indeed, we do! Hand-cut fries & homemade onion rings to be exact, served in wax paper bags with a stainless steel ramekin of ketchup. The onion rings were perfect in taste & texture with a crisp, well-seasoned batter & a soft sweet onion finish. Not complaining, but rather extending my inner food snob, I’d love to see these paired with a spicy remoulade. Might as well request homemade pickles while I’m at it. Just sayin’…

Flavorwise, the hand-cut fries seasoned with cracked salt & fresh herbs were on point. I’d buy a jar of that season mix to shake on every future potato I encounter if I could. However, the texture & size (of the fries, not the portion) were a bit disappointing. I thought I may have gotten the bottom of the batch with the many mini fry-bits tucked in my wax paper bag, but I heard a comment from our neighboring diner with the same complaint. The smallest fries were to0 crisp & the few thick ones I would have preferred were too raw. I’m a condiment junkie, so I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t dip them in my ketchup. I do at least promise to give them another chance!

PYT, I shall return with enthusiasm – may it be a random night or a perfect Sundae afternoon!

His: Neopolitan spiked w/ Makers Mark ~ Hers: Classic Chocolate

His: Neopolitan spiked w/ Maker's Mark ~ Hers: Classic Chocolate

PYT Battered Onion Rings w/ ketchup

PYT Battered Onion Rings w/ ketchup

PYT Hand Cut Fries w/ ketchup

PYT Hand Cut Fries w/ ketchup

PYT Cheeseburger w/ cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, & mayo on a potato roll

PYT Cheeseburger - med-rare w/ cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, & mayo on a potato roll

P.S. @tommyup – The SquareBurger I had today was pretty much an uber-salty, glorified MickeyD’s burger! Though, can’t hate on that Cake Shake, oh man….

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