Quickie: Birthday Cake Pancakes

It’s official: Sprinkles make the world go ’round. I woke up one morning on my trip to Sarasota to find Sunshine in pancake mode… birthday cake pancake mode! Might as well celebrate our un-birthdays together since we’re missing real birthdays this year.

Check out How Sweet It Is for the cake batter pancake recipe and drool-worthy photos. Then celebrate an unbirthday of your own!

So I just realized there is something to celebrate… this is my 100th post!!

Quickie: Snacktime w/ Chef Brauny

I’m embarrassed to say, but we didn’t get Olivia a Birthday Cake today! She’s always the one on top of taking care of the rest of us coworkers on our birthdays, so thanks to Chef Brauny for whipping up a yummy Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake for her! YUM!

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake